Dimensional Analysis

AMI uses portable Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs), such as Measuring Arms, Laser Trackers and Imagers to meet a variety of dimensional measurement needs, such as on-machine and in-line inspection and CAD comparison, to ensure proper tolerances are achieved.

With dimensional analysis, accurate measurements are the difference between conformance and non-conformance, between scrapped parts and usable parts. FARO’s Arm, Tracker, and Imager solutions are all “metrology grade”, meaning that they have been calibrated with precision so that you have confidence in the measurements you perform.

Simple, intuitive interfaces

FARO’s 3D measurement tools are designed to be easy to use so that minimal operator training is required. Ease-of-use not only cuts down on training time, it also ensures that the measurements will be repeatable, not only for the individual operator, but from one operator to the next. FARO products are designed to minimize operator fatigue as operator fatigue can lead to inconsistent measurements.

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